Catch 22 for Blue Welcome!

Hello everyone,

First off I want to thank everyone who has supported the Catch 22 for Blue Foundation hurricane relief efforts. For those that want more information on the foundation, the Louisiana Lagniappe 22 Blue Bracelet, and our relief efforts please visit the website at

Let me give you some information about the foundation.  I decided to start the Catch 22 for Blue foundation to help as many people and families as I could in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  I feel that the Catch 22 website can be used as a way to spread awareness for the families whose lives have been altered or destroyed by this terrible tragedy. My heart pours out to the residents of Southern Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas because I know that they are extremely hard working people full of pride and an attitude toward life that we should all take note of. They are loyal, caring, and deeply rooted in their lifestyle set by their generations past. New Orleans was flooded and thousands lost their lives, homes and businesses, but also understand that there were many, many other Parishes (in other states they are called Counties) that were leveled and some completely destroyed. We didn’t see most them on television because of their smaller populations and because there was no way to get to them, but they were hit just as hard nonetheless. Also, let us not forget the residents of the Mississippi Gulf Coast as well. This area may have been hit even harder but the attention they received is far less than they deserved.

Today, as Hurricane Rita has recently passed it has again affected Louisiana and re-flooded many of the same areas that Katrina hit. Rita also affected Texas, and (for obvious reasons) I have an interest in assisting Texas residents affected by Rita.  Many of my teammates where extremely worried about their families in the Houston area. With the season quickly coming to an end, I am searching for families and individuals who are in need of assistance in one form or another…whether it be assistance via the Catch 22 for Blue Foundation or just a friendly smile. If you or someone you know is in need of assistance, please contact us via eMail at

There are many who evacuated as ordered by government officials and are living in cars, hotels or with friends. Many who have done everything they were supposed to but are still suffering from the affects of the hurricanes.  I am committed to helping those affected by the recent wave of hurricanes that have hit Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, and Texas.

For those that live in the Arlington area, the Texas Rangers and the USA+ Foundation have generously allowed our foundation to sell the Louisiana Lagniappe 22 bracelets at Ameriquest Field during the final homestand of the 2005 season, September 30th, October 1st & 2nd against the Angels.  The USA+ Foundation will match all donations dollar for dollar up to $25,000.  I personally want to challenge all of the Rangers fans to help me support those affected by the recent hurricanes and please make a donation during the final Texas Rangers homestand of the 2005 season.

Finally, for those wondering why I have not been in the lineup, I recently strained my calf…I hope to be back in the lineup in a day or two.  Keep checking the blog or the website, I’ll have more information on my status as soon as I know more.

Thanks for taking the time to read my first blog.  Please check back often as I plan on updating the blog regularly.


David Dellucci

For those interested in learning more about the Catch 22 for Blue Foundation and the Louisiana Lagniappe 22 Bracelet, please visit my website at



I am a huge fan and I personally am amazed by your idea, and effort put into it. I personally will be donating shortly. Thank you for the great season, and thanks for making Rangers baseball fun to watch for the fans.

Thanks again, and I am proud to be a Catch 22 for Blue Supporter.

David – I too am a big fan of yours and I hope you calf gets better soon. I also love what you are doing for all the people who need help. I have already bought the bracelets and am waiting for them to arrive. Thanks for giving me an opportunity to help you and your organization. I am looking forward to read about how many you have helped and in what form. Keep up the good work and please know that you are in my prayers. Beth

When you first came to the Rangers, the fan forum chat was lit up with DB fans saying how much Heart you had and they wanted you back. I have, as well as all Texas Rangers fans, grown to realize exactly what they were talking about. You bring respect and honor to the game and that is a rarity. I also, purchased the bracelets early and love them. Thank you for all you are doing and all you will do. Go Blue! Shanna


Thank you for all you do both on and off the field. I have purchaced my bracelets and received them, they could not have come at a better time (i love them) thank you. What you are doing means alot to me, as my mom leaves in Louisana. I have had the please of talking on the phone with some of the victims and as you said all some need is a smile from someone or a friendly voice. You are in my prayers and I hope you get better soon. Hope to see you on the field soon, hopefully at the game Saturday night as I will get to finally make another game this year.

Sincerly one of your biggest fans


I’m a student at UC Davis in Northern California, but I grew up in the Arlington area and have been a VERY BIG Dellucci fan ever since 9/23/04. Both my Mom and my boyfriend have ordered bracelets and you bet I’ll be rockin’ them all up and down campus.

Thanks so much, David. GO RANGERS!!!


Thank you so much for all that you are doing to help those who have been affected by both Hurricanes. Your right about the little communities who need help. You have been a great asset to the baseball community on and off the field. My office and I order a batch of bracelets and love them. We wear them proudly and are passing them out to anyone with interest. You are in my prayers, and I hope you heal quickly. My friends call me a Rangers Addict, and I am a huge fan of yours since you came to the organization. I wish you continue success in all your endeavors.

Thanks again for all you are doing, David.


Thank you so much for providing us with a way to contribute to something that we know will benefit those that really need it. I am a 2nd grade teacher outside the DFW area and I ordered a batch for my class. They are so excited!! We talked about how every time they wear their bracelets that they need to be thankful for their families and homes, their clothes, their toys and the other things that they have. I think this is such an awesome program! Thank you!

By the way, we all hope you are feeling better very soon!! The hurricane victims and you are in our prayers.

Thanks again for being such a great example, our children need to see that there are still good guys in sports!!

Take care,


I believe faithfully god has really put on your heart to help the families of these horrible disasters. I also wanted to thank not just you but the other ball players whom chose to visit the families of hurricane katrina. On behalf of myself and all the rangers fans, HAVE A VERY SAFE TRIP HOME! I admit, it brought tears to my eyes at first immediately knowing all these ball players besides yourself were playing ball while all this was going on with the hurricane and then i got to thinking, well at least these ball players from AL, LA, MISS are safe and sound until the end of the season and then they finally can go home. Again, have a safe trip home to LA and GOD BLESS! SEE YA NEXT SEASON HOPEFULLY!

I’d like to add something, pray for me that i get the job at the ballpark next year. I’ve been wanting this which was all this season but they never called me but said they would put me on a waiting list but i guess by now since the season is coming to a close i can either choose during the off season to find out a way to call the employee manager or wait until next year to resign at the beginning of next year, WE’LL SEE I GUESS! Keep me in your prayers and i’ll keep you in my prayers.

David I’d like to congratulate the team you have working on the bracelets. I received mine today. Not bad considering I live in Scotland. I have passed them out to my friends and family so you have a small group here in Aberdeen supporting the good work you and your team are trying to do. Thanks for an entertaining year in baseball and I hope to see you play again before Sunday. Li


What a great idea! I’ll have to buy a bracelet online because I live in Boston and it’s a bit of a commute to see the Rangers, although I made the trip last summer when the Yankees were out there. It was a blast, my favorite team (the Yanks) and one of my favorite ex-Yanks…I didn’t know who to root for! Hope you’re back playing soon. Good luck!

Hi my name is Amanda and i just wanted to say that you are one of my favorite players especially after the game that i went to last year when you hit the ball right past the right fielder, i got to go the game the following day and i got to meet you, it was awesome, but anyway i jsut wanted to say that i think that it is great what you are doing for all of these people that are without homes and food and things. I purchased some of the bracelets that you are selling to help out a little and when i get them i am going to give some to my family and friends to spread the word. well hope to see you in the line up as soon as possible because i plan on going to the last home game of the season to watch you guys crush the Angels, and i want to see you get a HOME RUN!!!


First off, i read your message. Second, Did you read off this website that the rangers are going to be greeting guests before Sundays game? click the news link then click on the press release link, it’ll say that were the guys will be doing that so i hope you can find him and mention to him what you just said in your message off David’s blog here. GOOD LUCK FINDING HIM AMANDA! Do me a favor, try to call the ballpark ahead of time asking them which ball players will be at each gate if their allowed to mention it over the phone if someone calls for tickets. Again, GOOD LUCK FINDING DAVID ON SUNDAY! It also said they’ll be there at each gate for about 20 to 30 minutes starting at 11:30. To bad i won’t be there since i’ll be going tomorrow night and saturday night.

I meant the rangers website not David’s blog

I got my bracelets today!! Yeah it is also great to see you back in the line-up. I hope you get your 30/100 stats this year. Good luck. You are one of my favorite players along with Laynce Nix. I hope you both are back next year. By the way, I hope you liked the pralines that I sent you. Maybe I can send some more next year. God bless you and tell Laynce hi for me. (I sent him some pralines too so he should know who I am) I glad you are back. You devoted fan, Beth

this is Amanda again.

i was just going to give you the name of my website so that if you wanted to you could check it out. it is all about you and the texas rangers. leave a comment on it to if you have time. thanx! and by the way good home run today!!!

I am a big fan of yours but your heart and generosity towards those in the Gulf Coast and here in Texas make you a remarkable human being. In the times we live in, it is so refreshing to see a professional athlete think of others before he thinks of himself. May God bless you in all you do off the field and on it. Continued success in your career and many prayers to you and those who you are helping in so many ways.


I got my bracelet this week. I think it’s a wonderful thing that you’re doing. Best of luck on your final homestand & on what you’re doing in Lousiana this offseason. Hope your hit your 30th too, you deserve it.

YOU ARE AWESOME! This means so much to the people affected by the Hurricanes. You have inspired alot of people because of Catch 22. I hope your Family is doing well. You managed to play your hardest through these tough times and there are no words to express how great of a baseball player you are. Me and my boys are cheering for you..good luck on the last homestand!

God Bless,

Kris, Will and Isaiah

hi well um where do i start? well when i was younger i loved baseball and the Texas Rangers but when i got older it kinda lost touch with me, but im here cuz i watched the news and saw the catch22blue, first of all its an awsome idea to raise money for the hurricane and im totally willing to buy one,second, i wanted to see the website and it dosen’t work lol which brings me to my last question… i can not get to a game so are you selling them online? if so get back to me on that.

win please you guys are the best team we have in dallas lol.


I had the privilege of voluteering for your foundation at the ballgame Sat. night. I met some very kind people that were so willing to help. I can’t tell you the number of people that would give us a $10 or a $20 bill and say “Keep the change, it’s for a good cause.” We met several people from Louisiana that were more than happy to support a “Home State Boy”. I have no idea how many bracelets we sold, I know it was a lot!! I pray for continued success with your foundation. I hope to be able to volunteer again soon.

By the way, I’ve had no trouble with the website.

Take care,



First off, I want to congratulate you on an awesome season, I have not missed a game. You are definitely one of my favorite players, ever since you came over from the Diamondbacks, you have been one of the “heart-and-soul” players of the organization. I also think it is great what you are doing for all of the families from Louisiana, without sounding too much like a broken record, but I too bought bracelets and I look forward to showing off my “Ranger Pride” and it feels great to contribute to such a worthy cause, anyway

Here is looking forward to an AWESOME and productive 2006 season



I’ve only had the bracelet for three days and have already been giving the website info to what seems like everyone! I think what you’re doing is amazing! Keep it up! Thanks for the stellar season! My best friend and I road-tripped- cowboy hats and all, from Waco,TX to Boston and NY in august to watch ya’ll play and I just wanted to say how amazing it was that I was able to be there to see them have to bring out Rivera on your last AB at the game on the 11th!! Four hits- 2 of which were homers-that made our trip perfect- reagardless of the final score!! Thanks again!!!


Hey Dellucci fans
I’M SAD THE RANGERS SEASON IS OVER! Until next season, ya’ll have a wonderful off season, that goes for you guys the ball players, LETS GO RANGERS! Wouldn’t that not be funny if Dellucci ever came on this page and actually typed a message to us, LOL! I’d be like: SWEET! Again, everyone enjoy their off season while the guys don’t play until next year which is of course in April. BIG TEX(Mark Teixeira) also rocks, THAT IS ONE OF BURNIN’ LOVE, AW! He’s got one fine lookin’ bod, AW! Wouldn’t that not be awesome if he’d come on this website as well and left a message, I’D SURELY LIKE THAT, LOL! Anyways, I also bought a blue bracelet recently and plan on soon to buy a pack of them from this website to give to the office i work for here in the DFW area to help support Dellucci’s awesome cause he’s doing for these people effected by the hurricane, YOU ROCK DELLUCCI, I’M SO INSPIRED BY WHAT YOU’RE DOING! Contact me through e-mail if you ever need a volunteer if you have a situation were you wanna sale your bracelets or/and raise money, I’D BE MORE THAN HAPPY TO HELP! I’m seriously available, i have two days during the week i’m free from working at the office i work at here in the DFW area, i’d be honored.

Double D.
Hey man I’ve been a big fan of yours since you came to the Rangers. I believe in your cause, and have recently bought a bracelet. I wear it daily, not only to help the victims of the hurricanes, but because it symbolizes what I feel you bring to the game, honor and integrity. Thank you for giving us a great season, and making the Rangers fun to watch. There have been countless times that I’ve been at the game and you have come through big. I think that has carried over here to the relief effort. Double D you rock. I enjoy watching you play, ecspecially this year, what a great year it was for you. Maybe the next time I see you out and about in Arlington, grabbing an amber at the big horn, or Fort Worth I’ll say what’s up. Keep up the good work. Can’t wait to watch you next year.

Thanks for playing your butt off this season. I hope that the new GM will work out I just wanted that I got 5 of your bracelet and past them out at work. I am a Paramedic in Oklahoma and took care of a lot of the displaced citizens. I also wanted to say thank you for helping me potty train my 2 year old son. He is a big fan of yours no joke but he call “Avid Euchi” anyway he has some baseball underwear that he calls his Euchi underwear.He has never since gone to the bathroom in his Euchi underwear so I thank you. Hope next season is a little better for you guys and I hope that you will be Ranger for a long time to come. Thanks Jordan

Sorry for the crappy spelling

Hey David!
Just wanted to let you know (again) how great I think you are! When I heard about your bracelet idea, I couldn’t wait to get one (and neither could my friends, family, and coworkers). And what’s great is everyone is wearing them! Even my Grandma!! Everyone knows and agrees you’re the BEST! (And if they don’t know, I make sure to tell them.) And this is a great cause to get behind.

My favorite part of what you’re doing is the fact that you are personally going to see that the money raised is given directly to the people / families that need it the most. Once again you’ve gone above and beyond to help out people in need and that’s awesome!! I’m sure it will mean that much more to them because you’ve taken the time and heart to make it personal. It’s not everyday, you see a player (or anyone with your type of status) who puts their heart into everything on and off the field.

I personally have some friends in the gulf area of Mississippi and was relieved to hear that they only suffered minor damage to their homes and although were displaced to Houston for a little while, they were able to return to their homes and get their lives back in order without too much heartache.

I also wanted to congratulate you on your great season! It was a lot of fun watching you and the rest of the Rangers play this year. I’m just sorry that things didn’t work out so I could make it to Texas to see a game! (Can’t wait for Spring Training though!! – my friends and I are the ones holding all the poster signs for you!!)

Keep up the great work David! Play Great!!

Your #1 Fan – Renee and the rest of your fans in Phoenix, AZ

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