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I can already tell that things here are different in Louisiana. Driving back home I saw firsthand that Katrina and Rita are still affecting those of us who live in Louisiana. There are many more work vehicles on the interstate. electric companies on the move, camouflage vehicles (maybe National Guard) towing machinery, and lines of trucks labeled F. E. M. A…all signs that construction and the road to recovery is underway.

The lack of gasoline is also a major problem in Louisiana. My family warned me before my trip back home that I should not let my gas gauge go under half a tank. I now know why. Even as far up as Shreveport and Alexandria there were gas pumps with covers on them. I knew it was a sign that things would be worse the further south I went.

One thing that people have always commented about after finding out that I am from Louisiana is how bad the road construction is. I couldn’t help but wonder how difficult it must have been for evacuees to be stuck in traffic because the road construction probably slowed travel down possibly to a halt, not to mention the massive movement of people on the road at one time.  I have been hearing how traffic in Baton Rouge is terrible considering that the normal population was around 450,000 and now is anywhere from 800,000 to 1 million people. The interstate system was bad before, but now it is much worse.

I headed to my father’s cabin in Southwest Mississippi to help with minimal repairs on the roof and some downed trees as a result of the hurricanes. Heading up I55 it was apparent that even though it was 100 miles inland Katrina was still packing a large amount of power. Massive trees were uprooted all along the interstate. I could also see evidence of tornados which may have spun off leaving a path of ripped trees into the forest.

After the repairs to my father’s cabin were done, next on the list was to repair my mother’s roof which was damaged more from Hurricane Rita than Katrina. She had water dripping from the ceiling in three areas of her home. My brother in-law and I found where two of the leaks came from and the third we believe may have been caused by the rain blowing horizontal under the shingles from gusting winds. Baton Rouge saw more rain and wind from Hurricane Rita that Katrina.

Other than helping out the family with repairs, I have been busy getting settled back at home.  I’ve also been appearing on quite a few sports talk shows discussing the baseball playoffs and Catch 22 for Blue.


I haven’t been keeping up with the playoffs. If I’m not in them I really don’t care about what goes on. Unfortunately, I heard there was a really crazy ending to game #2 in the Angels and White Sox series. It is a shame that a game, especially one of such importance, should be decided on a controversial call. Should there be instant replay in baseball? What about only in the playoffs?  Either way, congrats to the White Sox on making it to the World Series.

On another note, I’ve been asked several times if Buck Showalter purposely took our key players out of the game so that we would lose to the Angels and give them home-field advantage in the playoffs over the Yankees. I honestly don’t believe the thought even crossed Buck’s mind. The reason Mike, Tex and Hank were taken out early was to give the fans an opportunity to send cheers to the guys in appreciation for having a great year and playing as hard as they could everyday. That was a time for those players to give a little wave back in thanks for the fans supporting them so well. It was also an opportunity to reward the September call ups by letting them play in the final game of the season. We all did our best to win that game as we have every other game.

That’s it for now, please check back soon!


David Dellucci, Catch 22 for Blue
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Thank you so much for everything you have done and everythnig you are going to do. My mother works with the Federal FEMA and she has been in Baton Rouge for the past three weeks she came home for 2 weeks and is going back this weekend for another 3 weeks she told me about all she has seen and she feels that she can’t even explain all the damage and everything that is going on there. Just wanted to say thank you and please let me know if there is anything I can do from Texas. Thank you again and we will see you here again.


Happy Early Birthday! I know it must be so hard to see all the horrible effects of what the two hurricanes have done. Thanks for letting us help you through the foundation to help the victims. I pray Wilma bypass ya’ll so that you, your family, and all the victims can keep rebuilding. Have a great rest of the month and keep up the good work. Your devoted fan! Carrye

Hey Davy Crocket
First of all, JUST KIDDING! Second, i’ve been enjoying reading your updated blogs on this website you’ve created. I’m so excited to have read what you wrote in this latest blog. I personally like to say, WOW, IT CERTAINLY AWESOME FOR ME TO SEE GOD WORKING IN YOU WHEN I READ THAT YOU HELPED BOTH YOUR MOM AND DAD WITH THE DAMAGES THEY GOT ON THEIR HOMES, WOW! You continue to stay safe while back home in LA(not LA California of course, HA!) Once you and the other guys on the team head back up this direction for next season, you personally come back here safe, ok. LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO!

I know I have said this before, but I really admire all you are doing personally and with the foundation! Please let us know if we will be able to catch any of those talk show interviews.

As for the playoffs, yes, it was a shame that the game, was decided on a controversial call! We’ve had many discussions about the instant replay, it is a controversial subject in itself. In a way, it takes away a little something from the game almost, but then in cases like that game, you see what a difference it could make. A friend of mine said maybe only if it could be by umpire decision, not by coaches. In other words, if the ump felt like they didn’t see the play that well or wanted to see it from a different viewpoint maybe. I think it will be interesting to see if anything comes from it.

By the way, my principal is going to allow us to sell the Lagniappe bracelets at the school I teach at. Matt and I are coming up with some ideas on how to sell as many as we can!!

Have a very Happy Birthday and stay safe!


P.S. I am so glad you said what you did about the final game!! Several of us have been saying the same thing. I’ve seen Showalter do the same thing in the past and I am glad he did! It gives us a chance to show our appreciation as fans and to see what the young guys can do.

David – I am so glad to see that you are doing things to help out your family. I hope things continue to improve. I can’t wait to hear about all the things that the money you rasied is helping. I am also hoping that we as your fans can see the interviews on those talk shows. I think you need to put them on this blog somehow. That would be really cool. Well good luck this winter and I can’t wait to watch you play in 2006. Your devoted fan, Beth

I agree with LaVonda and Beth, THAT WOULD BE COOL IF YOU COULD FIND A WAY TO PUT THOSE INTERVIEWS YOU DID, I’D LOVE AS WELL TO HEAR THOSE INTERVIEWS FROM THIS WEBSITE YOU CREATED! Hey listen, you’ve got it looks to me that you’ve got creative website knowledge, so why don’t you add your interviews to this website. I think we’d also love to hear your voice again which would be some of us young girls like me for example, LOL! since we haven’t seen you since the season came to a close recently. I’ll admit, i don’t even remember what your voice sounds like, LOL! Until then, GOD BLESS!

P.S. I almost forgot, HAPPY EARLY GOOLISH B’DAY!



this is amanda again and i just wanted to say once again thank you for the braclets!!! i wear it every day!! and i just wanted to wish you an early HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! good luck on all of the re-building that you have left to do, and i hope everything is going good for you and your family, well talk to you later!!!

your # 1 fan



We have friends who live(d) a half mile off the coast in Ocean Springs, MS. Thankfully, they and their house managed to survive with only water damage. However, the repair process is taking some time. The latest news from them said that FEMA, the Red Cross, and their local church were all coming through to the extent that the repairs on their home will be at almost no cost whatsoever.

I want to thank you for providing a place for us to contribute money without feeling like that money will go to other uses (or even payroll!). Perhaps this isn’t quite the right way to think about it, but it helps to know where your money is going. Between Catch 22 and the Red Cross, my faith has been restored in charitable organizations!

On the controversial call…had the catcher played through it, there would have been no controversy. That’s something you learn as a kid: never assume anything and finish out the play! Personally, I just don’t see a need for instant replay in baseball. But then, I don’t see a need for it in any sport (yes, even football)!

Keep up the fantastic work you are doing and, of course, have a wonderful 32nd birthday!


Just wanted to say thanks for all that you are doing with the relief work from Katrina. My family lost one of our homes during Rita so I understand how it feels to be in the midst of the storm that comes after the hurricane. I also spent a week in Slidell, LA working with disaster relief which was hard work but a blessing for me as well. May the Lord continue to bless you as He uses you to bless the lives of so many others!

It is really great that you are doing this. Both my aunt and uncle are in the army. My Aunt Betsy was in the Superdome and in New Orleans. While this was going on, my Uncle Raymond was in Iraq. He came back just in time to evacuate from his home in Louisiana before Hurricane Rita, but I was happy they are both safe and not hurt. Although they lost most of their house, they came and spent a great Thanksgiving with our family and theirs. Thanks again and GO RANGERS!!!

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