Getting Out There!

Yesterday (Tuesday Nov. 15th) was a very good day for me and the Catch 22 for Blue foundation. I flew into Dallas and got the day started off early by doing the morning show for KDFI 27. I did three segments including a segment on cooking in which I cooked a recipe that I learned from my mother called blonde brownies. I hope some of you enjoyed the recipes!  The showDavids were lots of fun but the main reason for doing them was to promote the kickoff for our first annual toy drive. Catch22forblue has teamed up with the US Marine Corps and Toys For Tots to gather as many toys as we can and hand them out to the children around the Metroplex area. With the addition of the people who have been relocated due to the hurricane we will need to raise the total amount of toys donated through the program by 30%. We have arranged, with the help of Major Paul Courtaway, to drop off the presents by way of a Marine helicopter. We are also working out a way to fly down to Port Arthur, Texas and drop of gender and age specific presents to many children who were affected by Hurricane Rita. I will write more on the charity that we will be assisting in that area at a later time.  Please don’t forget to visit our website for more info.

Shortly after announcing the calendar for the upcoming events with Toys For Tots I had the opportunity, with the help of Brookshire Farms, to hand out Thanksgiving meals to 25 families from New Orleans who have relocated to the Arlington area with the help of two local churches, North Davis Church of Christ and Highland Park Presbyterian Church. With some of the donations that were sent to the Catch 22 for Blue foundation we were able to purchase complete meals for these families.  Everything needed for Thanksgiving from tea bags to dinner rolls to pecan and sweet potato pies were packed in bags and sent home with these families. Brookshire topped it off with donating the turkeys…THANK YOU to all who have helped us in our efforts, it is much appreciated!

It touched my heart to see how happy and appreciative everyone was. It is sad to know that there are families scattered all over the country who are having to spend the holidays away from familiar surroundings, away from friends, and away from their homes. What we did today and what we will continue to do is make them feel comfortable in there new communities and let them know that they are special and are not forgotten especially during the holidays.

Thanks again for staying in touch.  Don’t forget to visit my website: We are still actively accepting donations of all amounts.  Any assistance is greatly appreciated, especially during the holiday season!


David Dellucci


Hi David – just wanted to let you know that I love the blog, and I respect and admire the work that you’re doing.

have your teammates helped out? tell Soriano to get in there! 🙂

—Yankees Chick

Hey D-dog
I just got word that you were in Dallas the other day doing a toy drive, doing a show on KDFI 27, and as well doing some stuff for your Catch 22 For Blue Foundation, THATS AWESOME! I just read the latest blog not to long ago, WOW THIS ONE IS AN AWESOME BLOG! Let me know if you need any volunteers, i’d be more than happy to help. I’m free Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays. Speaking of a ranger which would be a teammate, i heard on the radio recently Teixeira was going to be in town either was recently or soon somewhere in Arlington signing autographs, i haven’t heard a word since about him being in town. Do you know by any chance? i’ll be frustrated if he already came in town to do that. Well i guess i can blaim the radio station i heard that mention about him being here. PLEASE LET ME KNOW, PLEASE PLEASE PLEEEEASE LET ME KNOW OR I’LL GO APE ON THAT RADIO STATIONS BUTT! I’m also a fan of his as well as yours.

I was excited to see your latest blog. I missed you on 27, but I saaw the Fox 4 segment. I appreciate you letting us know what is being done with the money donated. Even though we have faith in the fact that you are overseeing everything it’s nice to see the good that is taking place. We are waiting to receive the bracelets from the foundation to sell at my school. We are an elementary school, but who knows, maybe we can outsell those high schools! I have talked to a few parents about instead of our class doing a gift exchange maybe we can bring gifts for the toy drive and several of us deliver them to The Ballpark the 15th. Hope to see you there. I heard you say something about dressing up as Santa?!?!

Thanks for all you are doing and thanks for allowing us to be a part of it. I hope we are able to raise a lot for the foundation and get some great toys for those wonderful kids

Hey DD I would just like to say that you have definitley earned my respect on and off the baseball field and I’m sure I speak for not only me but a lot of baseball not just Ranger fans that know you and cheer for you each time you play, now I’m really hoping you get to stay here even longer after the 06′ season after what you have done for the Rangers on the field and what your doing for families everywhere.

I forgot to say Congratulations on winning the Good Guy Award!! I couldn’t agree more with their decision!


You still rock!


LOOCH! Happy (very) belated Birthday greetings and congrats on all your success with the Catch 22 for Blue campaign. I donated a generous portion of money, and distributed the blue bracelets to several Rangers’ fans living in my dorm here at the University of Missouri. It’s great to see you maintaining your people-friendly attitude throughout your life and continually giving so much of your time and effort to serve the community. You are absolutely the number one athlete when it comes to fan and people relations. How could anyone dislike you? Keep it up, stay healthy through the offseason, and best of luck in ’06. I’ll surely make time to see you and the Rangers play this coming season. Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday!
(Baltimore still loves you…come back!!!)

– Neal


Keep up the good work. Your determination in giving back shows. Thanks.

Joe Boesch

David D,

Let me know what I can do! I want to help!

Also, I should be in “People Magazine” next week or the week after…when I did the photo shoot-I had on my “Catch 22 For Blue Braclets (2)”! If the braclets make the photo for PEOPLE—I want to be on the site right there next to ALI LANDRY!!!



PS-I went to Albertson’s on Essen today and People had their 50 Most Beautiful Men–We were not in it! But I do think you should be…I am sending an email out tomorrow!!!

Hey all including David
I just wanted to wish everyone including David a safe x’mas and new years which both are aproaching soon. I just found out yesturday David and a few others from the rangers were in Dallas at the Childrens Medical Center of Dallas wearing of course their santa hats and going around visiting children, I SAW MARK’S PICTURE, YEAH BABY, SOMEONES A HOTTIE IN A SANTA HAT, LOL!

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