December 2005

Happy Holidays

The Christmas holidays are quickly approaching. Have you all finished your shopping? I am done, at least for now. I say that everyday but then an idea pops up and I rush to the mall or specialty store to get another present. One of my other problems is that I buy many Christmas gifts during the baseball season. So that no one finds the presents I stick them in hiding places and then forget about the gifts or were I put them. On a few occasions I have found hidden gifts well after Christmas. Oh well there are always birthdays.

Wreath_1I can’t help but notice with the mad dash to the malls and the stores many have forgotten the true spirit of Christmas. It is not to see who can buy the most expensive gift or even find the best bargain. Christmas is a time for giving and sharing, not so much material gifts but peace, love and joy. I got to tell you, I don’t see much peace, love and joy on the roads or busy stores this time of year. Let us all be examples of peace, love and joy through our actions and how we treat people everyday. Maybe that one small thing you do to help someone or make them smile will be passed from them on to someone else and so forth and so on. Before to long it may spread and we will see the true holiday spirit evolve in people around town. Make it a point to show a smile, spread joy. Say hello to a stranger, spread peace. Hold open a door or let someone merge in front of you on the road, and spread love.

I will be heading to Dallas this week to visit the Children’s Hospital and I believe that in those children’s eyes I will find all three of those characteristics I am talking about. If children with life threatening illnesses and traumas can be stewards of the Christmas spirit then that is not too much to ask for.

Also, I will be attending a banquet to rap up the Toys for Tots drive to ensure that all children will have a Merry Christmas. Afterwards, I’ll be on a helicopter with the Marines to drop presents off to children in the Metroplex area as well as a trip to Port Arthur to deliver gifts and greetings to children and families affected by Hurricane Rita.

Catch22Lastly, don’t forget to visit the Catch 22 For Blue website, . We’ve updated the site and included information on the Catch 22 For Blue Toy Drive, a Celebrity Gallery, and the Catch 22 For Blue school program.  Also, please make sure to sign up to receive the Catch 22 For Blue newsletter by visiting the website.

Thanks for all the support & don’t forget…Spread the spirit.
Happy Holidays!


David Dellucci

Catch 22 For Blue Foundation